CORD for Graduating Students

Many OSU students dedicate their time to volunteering, but rarely get recognized for their sacrifice. To bring attention to this unrecognized portion of OSU’s Stillwater campus, the OSU Service-Learning Volunteer Center is implementing the OSU CORD Program.

“The CORD Program will be a way to empower students and impact the community,” said Joyce Montgomery, SLVC coordinator.

“We hope this program will motivate students to volunteer and recognize those who have changed the OSU community by volunteering.”

CORD stands for Creating Opportunities for Responsible Development. Through this program the SLVC strives to empower students and motivate students to impact the community.

The CORD Program will give students the option to wear an orange honor cord at graduation ceremonies. The cord signifies completion of 400 hours of community service served during the five years an undergraduate student is enrolled at OSU. These hours must be approved through the SLVC. Students are required to register and serve 40 hours through the SLVC to participate in the program.

Any fall 2009 graduates who can provide a record of approved hours will be allowed to participate in the program.

Students interested in applying for the CORD program need to e-mail Joyce  Montgomery at

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