Cortney Hicks Receives CORD Award

We shared Justin’s CORD story earlier this week, read Cortney’s story below!

Cortney Hicks, graduate in Educational Leadership Studies: College Student Development

Recent OSU graduate and Stillwater resident, Cortney Hicks, received the OSU CORD this past spring. She graduated with a Master’s of Science in Educational Leadership Studies with an emphasis in College Student Development.

Hicks has served 450 community service hours as an OSU graduate student. Many of her hours were spent volunteering with the Stillwater Church of Christ, Service-Learning Volunteer Center Ambassadors, OSU Communications Networking Expo, and the Stillwater Family YMCA Operation Weight Loss program.

Hicks said that she was most proud of the outcomes that have resulted from her involvement and coordination with the local YMCA and OSU Expo.

“It’s impressive what a small group of people can accomplish if they’re passionate and dedicated. Both of these programs have become sustainable programs that I hope will continue to positively influence others for a long time to come.”

Her experiences at OSU have positively impacted her personal growth in empathy, communication skills, time management, leadership skills, and understanding of others, she said. Hicks advised her fellow and future students to start serving.

“OSU offers students numerous opportunities to get connected, start serving and become leaders,” she said.

“College life is an adventure – get on the right path by seeking service opportunities and challenges. Eventually, you’ll realize that you’re becoming the person you always hoped you would be.”

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