International Service-Learning Opportuni

International Service-Learning Opportunity in Lebanon

Please note: Since this is the K-12 S-L listserv, please note that only youth who are 18-30, graduating seniors, university students, or university graduates are eligible. Of course, that means that K-12 teachers and administrators who are 18-30 would be most welcome!

The Learning to CARE Institute in Lebanon is organizing the Heritage Volunteer Program, a very special three week eco-voluntour program (June 25th through July 16th) for youth (18-30) that will give participants an inside view of Lebanon’s social, historical, and environmental heritage. While the program will have a number of features especially designed for youth from Lebanese emigrant communities abroad, it is also open to youth living in Lebanon and youth without any Lebanese heritage. All participants must be entering or current university students or university graduates.

Participants will learn about Lebanese culture and history, gain a better understanding of the Lebanese migration experience, see many different areas of the country, and make their own contribution to Lebanese society. Participants will stay in three different base camps for a week each, and have the chance to get to know the three major geographic and cultural components of Lebanon – the mountains with their traditional villages, the central valley that is the agricultural heartland of Lebanon, and the urban coastline.

This is an ideal program for those who want to complete university service-learning requirements since it incorporates all the elements of quality service-learning: integrated learning, genuine service, collaboration, youth voice, civic responsibility, evaluation, and reflection.While at each base camp, participants will engage in at least 15 hours of structured learning for a total of at least 45 hours for the whole program. There will also be at least 15 hours of volunteering while at each base camp, for a total of at least 45 hours for the program. And from each base camp the group will go on tours of historical, cultural, and natural sites in that area.

For more information see

Patricia Nabti, PhD, CVA
Learning to CARE Institute
Beirut, Lebanon
+961-1-560993 +961-3-757098

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