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Oxfam America: Fix the Broken Food System

Dear Joyce,
Soon there’ll be nine billion of us on the planet.
The food, water, and land we all rely on could be used up.
Starting today, Oxfam’s GROW campaign will work to change the way we produce, consume and eat.
Take the first step.
Your family goes to bed hungry every night. You scrape just enough money together each day to feed them, but today at the market, the prices of basic foods like rice have jumped. What do you do?
Give your kids less? Eat less yourself?
This dilemma is real. Food prices in recent years have hit record levels, causing riots in 25 countries. Farmers who are producing the world’s food can no longer feed their families.
Our food system is broken…but not beyond repair. Oxfam is launching a major campaign to take on the policies and corporations that control how much food gets produced, where it goes, who eats and who doesn’t – and we need your help.
Hunger isn’t about too many people and too little food. Our world produces enough food for all of us. So why does one in seven people still go to bed hungry each night?
A small handful of corporations control the vast majority of the food we eat. Local elites and frantic investors are grabbing up land we desperately need. Crops are being turned into fuel for SUVs. The causes are complex, but the solutions are pretty simple. And every one of us can make a difference, right now.
Together, over the coming months, we’ll push for a few simple but powerful changes to ensure our planet is ready to feed 9 billion people by 2050. Here’s how we’ll do it:
  • Demand that our leaders use crops for food, not fuel.
  • Pressure Congress to make sure ALL our food aid actually reaches those who need it most – right now, half never makes it.
  • Hold corporations accountable when they speculate on food prices, causing costs to spike and people to go hungry.
  • Push world leaders to help small farmers, who are facing more frequent droughts, floods and storms.
We aren’t saying it’s going to be easy. But together, we can make sure there is a place at the table for 9 billion people.
Vicky Rateau, Campaign Manager, GROW
Oxfam America

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CASA Special Summer Session Training June 21


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Smile for a Day: Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

A fairy offering wishes, illustration by John ...

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Have you ever considered asking the tooth fairy for a donation? That’s exactly what Audrey Liles did while participating in The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society‘s School & Youth Program – Pennies for Patients.
When I heard about this, it reminded me just how powerful children can be. I’m enclosing the note sent to us from Jennifer Liles, Audrey’s mom.
This is the 2nd year my daughter has participated in “Pennies for Patients” at her elementary school, Piney Point Elementary School, Tall Timbers, MD. Today she brought home the information and emptied her piggy bank to fill up the box for the LLS program. My daughter just turned seven and is in the 1st grade.
After dinner she asked me for a blank piece of paper to write a letter to the tooth fairy and asked me not to look. When she got done this is what she had written:
(I have not edited grammar or spelling)
Dear tooth fairy we are having a thing at school called Make change beat cancer. We have to send money to the school and donate to other people that don’t have the money to buy the medicine for there sick kids. So I was thinking you could come to my house tonight and leave me money so I can bring it to school. Love, Audrey Liles
This made my heart melt and I really felt the need to share it with you. Thank you, Jennifer Liles (Audrey’s Mom)
We’re always amazed at the impact children are making on the lives of patients with cancer. This year alone, more than 15 million students raised $26 million through our School & Youth Programs to help beat cancer. We are grateful for people like Audrey, her mom Jennifer, and for all tooth fairies.
Your support makes a difference.
For more information about LLS’s vital work, visit www.lls.org.
Wishing you the best of health,

John E. Walter
President & CEO

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Student Conservation Association

Interested in protecting the planet? Passionate about plants and sustainability?

Check out the Student Conservation Association. Recent news and upcoming opportunities are posted here.

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How to Get Involved With the Alzheimer’s Association

*Information obtained from Alzheimer’s Association site: http://www.alz.org/join_the_cause_volunteer.asp*

You can make it happen … a world without Alzheimer’s disease.

Our volunteers are passionate, inspired and want to make a difference in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease. Whether you can spare a few hours a week or can make a more significant time commitment, please consider becoming an Alzheimer’s Association volunteer.

Walk to End Alzheimer’s

Come walk with us! Alzheimer’s Association Walk is the nation’s largest event to raise awareness and funds for Alzheimer care, support and research. Local Association offices need volunteers who can help plan, promote and work the day of the event. You can also form a walking team of family, friends or co-workers. 

Participate in a Walk near you >>

Help out at your local Alzheimer’s Association

If you are an individual (teen, adult or senior) or part of a family, team, group of employees or company, please contact your local Alzheimer’s Association to see where your skills are needed. Chapters can use your help in the following areas:

  • Special events, such as galas and other fundraisers
  • Walk to End Alzheimer’s 
  • Public education and awareness programs
  • Office help 
  • Speaking engagements  
  • Helpline support calls 
  • Advocacy

Find your local office and learn more about volunteer opportunities in your community >>

Share your story

If you would like to share your experience living with Alzheimer’s or caring for a loved one with the disease, we may have opportunities for you to speak through local Alzheimer’s Association Speaker Bureaus.

Find a local office near you >> 

We may also have opportunities for you to share your experiences with local and national media. For more information, please contact our media line at 312.335.4078 or email media@alz.org.

Become an Alzheimer advocate

Help shape laws at the federal, state or local level by talking with legislators and educating them about Alzheimer-related issues. Association advocates have successfully raised government funds for Alzheimer research and improved access to care and support services for people in their communities.

Join us as an advocate >>

Become a Champion

Join the movement to dramatically increase awareness and concern about Alzheimer’s. We’re calling on 5 million Americans — one for every person living with the disease — to become a Champion and join the Alzheimer cause. When you sign up, you will receive e-mail updates and information on how you can help. 

Sign up to be counted as a Champion >> 


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Child Sex Trafficking Presentation, April 29

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Millennium Campus Conference 2010

Millennium Campus Conference 2011 will be at Harvard University on the weekend of September 16-18. Like last year’s conference, MCC 2011 will bring together over 1,000 student leaders and dozens of speakers for a weekend packed with panels, keynotes, skill-building workshops, a career and internship fair, networking opportunities, and a social event on Saturday. Attendees will learn from leading advocates, professionals, and experts in the field of sustainable development.

Register today while tickets are still $30! If you attended MCC 2010 last September, be sure to email ntheobald@mcnpartners.org for your discount code.

You can find registration & more at http://www.facebook.com/l/c81f5r-Wyol2nYhjzXok2mKjmnw/www.mcc2011.com.

MCC 2011 will be hosted by the Harvard Project for Sustainable Development, the Youth Alliance for Leadership and Development in Africa, the Harvard Global Hunger Initiative, the Leadership Institute at Harvard College, the Harvard Office of Career Services, and the Center for International Development at the Harvard Kennedy School, and to date, is being supported by the Millennium Campus Network, the Jenzabar Foundation, and Hewlett-Packard.

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Celebrating the Survivors Spirit: Need Volunteers April 9

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

Stillwater Domestic Violence Services is inviting you to participate in the Celebrating the Survivors Spirit 5K 10K Run on April 9th at Couch Park. In addition, we are looking for civic and religious leaders, OSU Faculty and Staff , students and fraternity members, scholars and athletes, police departments and fire departments to create a 4-member team to compete in the “Kick UP Your Heels” Events held after the race.


April 9th          8:00 AM    Registration

                      9:00         5K 10K Race     

                      10:00       Prizes Awarded

                      10:15       Kick Up Your Heels Events

It is our goal to spread awareness about sexual violence by educating communities with relevant and insightful information. The events that we have planned in April focus on breaking the myths that surround sexual violence. In addition, we are celebrating those survivors whose spirits have persevered against this type of tragedy.

The 5K 10K run starts at Couch Park and is the beginning event. Prizes will be awarded in each age category.

Kick Up Your Heels Event has a “trading places” feel as 4 member male teams, wearing women’s shoes, compete with other teams in 10 events. Get a sense of what it feels like to be in someone else’s shoes by putting together a team to compete in the challenging games.

Registration fees are for, groups, individuals, and dual race/KUYH participants. Free event t-shirt is given to each competitor.

Contact:    Desiree Ingram, M.S., LMFT   377-2344,                    dingram@sdvs.org

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Walk to End Alzheimer’s Cookie Sales

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